Log Home Restoration

Whether your Log Home is in good condition or disrepair the professionals at Rocky Top Painting and Construction can help you chose the proper product for the protection of your Home.

There are many factors to consider before the restoration of your log Home. First is the condition of your Home - is it in need of Maintenance or a Restoration? Maintenance is key to every Home and is the easiest and most cost-efficient way of keeping up on a Log or Wood-Sided Home.

If you are beyond simple Maintenance, that is no problem with 10+ years of Log Home Restoration you can rest assured it will be done properly. Starting with the preparation of the Home. There are options such as Power Washing, Power Stripping of the Home using Water, to Multi-Media Blasting, and Power Tool removal, of failing products to restore the Home to its once former glory.

Once the prep of your Home is complete and moisture levels permit then comes the application of your product. From oil-based stains, oil-based sealants to water-based sealants there are many choices as to the products and quality of those products to which you can apply to your Home.

The exposure of your Home to the natural elements will determine the Life Span of these products when properly applied.

So it is important to let qualified professionals provide you with the best possible knowledge to help you protect your investment.