Handyman Services

If you are looking for “THAT” person to

   ✓  Assemble those Hard-To-Do Projects
   ✓  Hang Heavy Objects
   ✓  Repair Leaky Toilets
   ✓  Fixing That Door that doesn't close anymore
   ✓  How about Clearing Trash
   ✓  Or Clear Shrubs from your Land
   ✓  Felling that Dead Tree
   ✓  Moving Furniture around the Home
   ✓  Packing/Moving your Home

Our Experienced Personnel can help!

A Handyman Can Help With That Stubborn Project

There are many different Maintenance Issues for every Home and Business that we can manage for you.

Random Property Care-Taking projects can take up your Precious Time and can be potentially dangerous in some cases.

Instead of wasting your day(s) doing all of those small projects let Rocky Top Painting & Construction help you today. Let us make your day truly yours again!